Pacific Classic

Pacific Baseball Umpires is accepting sign-ups for the 11th Annual Pacific Classic Baseball Tournament.  This tournament is the premier tournament for Frosh and JV squads in San Diego county and runs during the same week as the Lions Varsity Tournament, approximately the last week of March into the first week in April.

This year we will be limiting the tournament to twelve (12) JV and twelve (12) Frosh teams determined by the first twelve (12) schools in each division to complete their attached entry form, and turn in their entry fees. 


Each team will have a four (4) game guarantee and the two (2) top teams from each division's pool play, Monday through Thursday, will play in a championship game at Poway High School on April 11 at 10:00 AM.   There will be trophies, awards and a free lunch for the teams participating in the championship games. 

There are two options for the Tournament fees. $425 for JV and $400 for Frosh, this covers all costs, including all umpire fees, for all four (4) games.  The second option is to pay a $150 admin fee and cover the umpire fees using school vouchers.  JV games will be officiated by two umpires and Frosh games by up to two umpires, depending on availability.  Championship games will be officiated by three veteran umpires for each division.  NFHS 2020 rules will be in effect for all games.  All fees are due by January 17, 2020.



Qualifiers for the championship games will be determined by win/loss record and the following Tie-Breakers:

1. TWO TEAMS: head to head, if teams did NOT play each other, LEAST runs allowed, if still tied, least runs allowed in 1st game played. if still tied, least runs allowed in 2nd game played, until solved... if still tied, COIN FLIP.

2. THREE or more TEAMS: LEAST runs allowed, if still tied, least runs allowed in 1st game played, if still tied, least runs allowed in 2nd game played, until solved, if still tied, COIN FLIP. 


Please feel free to reach out to us via the contact page for more information.


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Active or retired military may be eligible for a full scholarship from providing umpire gear and covering all associated umpire expenses for three years!

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